San Nicolas Plant


Our plant located in San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon, is mainly dedicated to the automotive market. It is equipped with a variety of presses and equipment with capacities up to 800 tons with beds up to 120″. The majority of the presses are equipped with automatic feeding systems for greater stamping efficiency.

We also have MIG robotic welding, assembly and washing.

Specialties: High thickness materials with critical tolerances and high tonnage parts.

Santa Catarina Plant


The Santa Catarina plant began operations in December 2004 with a land space of 414,000 ft2 is mainly dedicated to the industrial and appliance market. It is equipped with presses ranging from 200 to 1,600 tons, cut to the edge punch and bending presses, spot welding and cut to length to offer high precision products and a wide range of options.

Specialties: High surface quality, prepainted parts and bending and punching parts.

Brake shoe Plant


In our search for added value products Fanasa produces brake shoe assemblies for the Tier 1 Truck market, using projection welding, MIG, broaching, heat treatment we are capable to produce 1,200,000 brake shoes.

This plant is next to the Santa Catarina one.

Queretaro Plant


Fanasa expands its operative plants in the Bajio area to offer our customers a better service.

Stablished in the O’donell park with a 32000 square feet  warehouse at an initial phase and a land space of 260,000 ft2 begins operations in November 2016 to service the automotive, industrial and appliance market.

It has progressive and manual presses of 200 to 800 tons complemented with assembly, washing and welding operations.



Distribution center: CEDIS

Fanasa opened up in 2016 our new distribution center at Santa Catarina plant with the main objective to offer an excellence service and inventory control to our customers.

A 58,125 ft2 product warehouse and distribution center designed specifically for JIT delivery to our customer with a 4 hour delivery timeframe and 6 shipping docks for simultaneous shipping.